Monday, July 23, 2012

Dealing.... Just Dealing

Greetings Readers

Emotionally - this may have been a tough weekend for me, in a manner of speaking.

So innocent I was Thursday night.

Excited about going to the Batman Marathon in Lone Tree Colorado.  I had bought my movie ticket back on 06/25/12.

And the only reason why I bought the ticket was to see "The Dark Knight" with the Joker.  I was not really excited in seeing the third movie.  Bane.  I know nothing of him and I had already heard that the test screen audience had some issues with hearing Bane speak.


What I want to address is that I listened to the Dark Knight soundtrack as well as watched the movie and the first one since cable was showing the movies on TV this weekend.  I also pulled my DVD copy off the shelf

I stayed away from the news and the newspaper; though I did get some news from the internet.

Bottom Line - I knew nothing of what transpired Thursday night / Friday Morning until I got to work on Friday.  I had slept about 2 1/2 hours that morning and woke up to the sun shining through the windows.  What a beautiful sunrise to wake up to.  Tired, but nice.  I was excited that I did commit to seeing the BatMan marathon, the 25.00 bones I spent was well worth it.

I get to work on Friday Morning ... "Did you hear?"

No. I responded.  And now most of the world now knows.

I am very thankful that this did not happen at the theatre that I was at.  Of course, in my mind this would be no different from leaving your house every day and not knowing that a car accident may kill you later that day.  The odd are not in your favor in that scenario.

Lone tree theatre is not a big theatre nor really a big screen and is on the South Side of Denver.  No Imax and no special sound system - just digital.   And that is why I think that the theatre was not sold out.

I am okay, but I am thinking what if that night / morning...

What if.

I just don't know Readers.  I just do not know. 

In the last 11 days - my life has been down.  A friend passed away.  And perhaps...

I "closed down" this past weekend. 

I just wanted to blog about this since it is... there in my mind and I have no one that I can talk to about this experience second hand.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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