Friday, November 19, 2010

Places in the Heart

Greetings Readers

Places in the Heart

It took me 26 years, I think, to finally see this movie.

I guess one could say this was on my bucket list of movies that needed to be seen by me.

From my point of view the only thing I knew about the movie was the movie poster – as shown on my blog.

I did not have a clue what the movie was about. Nor did I know who even played the movie. And yes Readers, I did not even care to know.

Yet, after seeing this movie I was impressed. John Malkovich, Danny Glover, Ed Harris, Lindsay Crouse, and a couple of actors/ actresses that I can not remember their names as I write this post.

Long story short – the movie is about Sally Field’s life after she becomes a widow in the 1930’s. or was it 1920’s. There are also Borders, cotton and a tornado in the movie.

I admit that the reason why I have not seen this movie is that from the movie poster the movie does not look like my type of movie. Anyway, here it is - the year 2010 and the movie is available on TV and there was really nothing else to watch the time I saw the movie.

I was finishing up dinner when I started watching the movie, but soon found myself on the couch, eating my dinner and watching the movie with great interest.

Well, there is a certain part in the movie that I saw what I felt back at the 24 hours of Boulder in October.

When I saw Sally Fields on her hand and knees after working through the night and the dawn of the day arriving doing what needed to be done and saw her will… or perhaps her agony in the last moments she had left… I could not help to get a bit teary eyed. I know it was a movie, but wow I did my same thing where I was doing what needed to be done in October as I saw the sun rise over the horizon on October 17. I was not on my hands and knees crawling, but I was limping, trying to walk to complete that 8th lap. That was what I needed to be done, whereas Sally Fields had to get every bit of cotton. I was teary eyed for what I did, and not for Sally Field’s character, on October 16 & 17 for 24 hours before the last moments I had left.

It is amazing what we humans will do when something needs to be done. Not something under life threatening conditions, but something that needs to be done.

And what something was - "Desire"

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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