Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P90X - Day 1

Greetings Readers

Day 1 - is now in the book

I have to say that I woke up and started to shake. Whether it was from the caffeine, or Coca-Cola I do not know, but what I will admit is that if there was any fresh Coca-Cola in my humble abode I would have immediately "went for it."

I would estimate it was about 10 minutes later when I was finally really awake and was able to get up. I was still shaking slightly. Now Readers, I have gone cold turkey as of Saturday afternoon. No more Coca-Cola, no sugar, no alcohol, and no fast food. Basically, stopped all the "bad" stuff I consume on a daily/weekly basis. I figure I give myself a few days before actually starting the P90X program to detox, in a manner of speaking. It may be a crazy, but I figure I might as well do this. All or nothing.

I got up and knew that I had to have my first breakfast, my first P90X breakfast. Egg white Mushroom Omelet. Let me tell you Readers, An Egg white, a 6 egg white, omelet, was not very pleasant to look at. Meaning, comparing that to my pre-P90X program, my omelet looks no where near close to the Egg white Omelet. I had the entire thing though - Perhaps my mind made it tasted funny, but that may be because of what I normally have in my omelet as opposed to the P90X omelet.

That done - I got my lunch, which I premade, as well as all the supplements and Whey I bought earlier in the week. Again, Supplements are extra, but I thought to myself - what the fuck. I might as well go "Full Throttle" with the program and hope this will be the way to the results I am hoping for. I am expecting something, but with the supplements I am betting that will only help even more. Right?

Oh on the way to work I bought a huge bottle of water at the gas station (Circle K). $ 1.99. Note: This is even cheaper at the Store (King Soopers) for 1.29. I knew that I drink water all day. Well.. let me rephrase that - I have to drink water - period. I am actually watching what and how much sugar anything I may want to drink. I know that perhaps I may want to buy a powerade/gatorade, but their sugar in it - alot in manner of speaking.

Taste good and probably okay. But again. what the fuck. If I am going "full throttle" then I need to still to stick to water. Even though there is no Coca-Cola for me I might as well not substitute for a less sugary/fructose drink.

Lunch - Chef Salad - The P90X chef salad. Good, but again not what I am normally use to eating when I make my salad. Doable and eatable, but just not what I am used to. Oh, I forgot the dressing, but I do not eat Ranch dressing, so I was going to bring vinegar and Oil, but I forgot that so I was dressing-less. There is a cafe in our building and in the past I can get a saucer of Italian dressing when needed. But again - what the fuck. No substitution and I need to stick to the meal plan as close as possible. And we all know that those Ranch dressing are loaded with "stuff" whereas vinegar and oil (olive oil) is much, much better.

After work I went to the store to buy my dinner and my meals for the next day. Salmon for tonight and stir fry. Readers, I did go grocery shopping days before - I bought the stuff that will not go bad - rice vinegar, bottle of white wine, sesame seeds, etc. Whereas, I can not buy the stuff that is going to go bad in a few days or needs to be cooked a couple of days.

It is so weird to see my fridge filled with so much fresh and good stuff. All there is now are vegetables, Ham, Onions, Almond Milk and all my hard liquor and wine I keep in the fridge. Don't worry Readers, I am not going to be tempted by the hard liquor. I do drink the hard liquor, but I can months without drinking that. Also, that bottle of wine is the same one that I bought a year and a half ago. Now, if there was bottle of beer then I would be tempted.

Anyway, it does look odd to see a "Clean" fridge, as well as a "pantry." No junk food in the humble abode. That part was not hard, since I normally do not have any junk food in the abode. I only buy when I get the craving - Lays Potato Chips, Frozen Ice Juice bars (sorry I can not remember the actual name since it has been a while since my last one), etc. I threw out condiments that I was not going to use - barbeque sauce...

Fast forward - the Day 1 photo. I decided on the boxer briefs and I am actually embarrassed by the photos. What I see in the mirror every morning is not what I am seeing on what the camera took. I do look big in the stomach area. Can I blame the lighting? the angle? Does not matter. I took and posted and will have to get over what I saw/see. Though, I better see improvement in 2 to 4 weeks in the 30 day picture. I just better.

I put in the first workout. It was tough. I did my research before buying the P90X and yes they said the DVD instructor does says some "corny" things from time to time and yes that is correct. But all in all, he made me smile, when I was grimacing trying to do some routines. There are options before starting the DVD so technically I think that you could mute the dialogue. Sorry Readers, I did not thoroughly look into since I am going to listen to what he says in order to do my first workout. I would estimate that I was able to do about 80 percent of the DVD workout - Day 1. Some routines were hard. Though if I could only do one, then I did a modified version. Yes, I could wait and catch my breath until the next routine, but what it boils down to is that I am in full throttle, I better give it everything I can.

Needless to say, I was sweating when the end of the program was reached. Wait. Apparently, I was not done. I had to do another routine and this was pure ab work - 22 minutes or so, I think. I have to admit I was already "burning" and the muscle were fatigue by the first 55 minute workout. This was torture for me. I did what I could do and if I couldn't I tried as hell to do what I could. I did not wait until the next routine started.

And that Readers was my first day of the P90X program.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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